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No decision in sight on government funding

With national elections ahead, universities' budget problems will not be resolved

It is a waste of time trying to convince politicians. This is according to the university director of the University of Copenhagen Jørgen Honoré, who says that a paralysis in government decision-making over financing right now will, at the earliest, only be over after the next election. A Danish general election will at the latest be called this year.

The university director made the statements in the context of a briefing to staff at the New Year’s breakfast Tuesday. His pessimistic evaluation comes after a stark warning in the University Post a few weeks ago.

Speaking of a Danish government DKK 1.36 billion Globalisation Fund pool in 2012, Jørgen Honoré explained that a political decision on whether, and how much universities will get, will not be forthcoming this side of an upcoming election.

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One year from funding abyss

As the Danish political system goes into election mode, politicians will be make »no specific political decisions on this issue« he said.

»We need to be very conscious of the fact that in 2011 we have to find funding for 2012«.

The ‘abyss’ facing the university has now moved forward one year, closer to the present, so that the university now faces it in the period 2011/2012, he added.

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