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No moustaches for med students in Movember

You'd think that the connection between medicine and the 'Movember' campaign would make the Panum Institute teem with moustaches. Guess again

On average, men live five years shorter than women and for this, there is absolutely no biological reason. Prostate cancer, is just a small example of a much larger problem: men’s lack of awareness and understanding of their health issues, writes the Movember movement on their website.

Men are less likely to openly discuss their health and to take action if they don’t feel physically or mentally well.

If you follow Movember you grow a moustache to help raise awareness. So you’d think that the connection between medicine and Movember would make the Panum Institute teem with moustaches.

Check out six health conscious med students here.

More fashion, less health

Guess again.

The University Post went looking but the results were disappointing. Most of the men seemed more fashion-conscious than health-conscious, although when prompted they conceded that there were issues to face up to.

The number of guys present at the campus with the iconic Movember moustache could be counted on two hands (one of them with four chopped off fingers).

Check out the gallery with some of the more health-informed medicine students: Only a couple conciously Movember.

Photos and captions: Alexander Kostrov

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