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No regional trains through Nørreport until 2014

Commuters will have to catch the train from Central Station or Østerport until April, as large renovation process halts long-distance trains

As of Saturday, 10 August, long-distance commuter trains will no longer stop at Nørreport station, while construction on a new long-distance platform is carried out. This includes Øresund trains, regional trains, and IC (inter-city) trains – while the metro and S-train still run normally from the station.

”Of course this is a little messy, and takes a few minutes of extra travel,” says Mikael Bredsdorff, manager of the ‘New Nørreport’ project, ”but unfortunately we cannot carry out extensive rebuilding and serve passengers at the same time.”

Passengers can still board these long-distance trains within the city, but will have to do so from Central Station or Østerport. These trains will run the usual route, but pass through Nørreport without stopping. Buses and S-trains will still run between Nørreport and these stations, and the new platform is expected to re-open in April 2014.

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