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No sex for Aalborg University

Dennis Guldbrandsen and Tue Jepsen entered a competition to produce the most effective viral video campaign for Aalborg University (AAU). It was certainly effective

He is wearing a dark suit, a shirt, nice shoes and a hat. He is also – we are being frank here – humping his university.

This is the simple, but effective, plot of a video that has already had 35,000 views on YouTube. According to its creators, it has also been uploaded unto several other sites and received in excess of 150,000 clicks.

The aim of the viral marketing campaign is for the video to appeal to people who will themselves pass it on to everyone they think would enjoy it too. Thus it spreads through social networks and raises awareness of Aalborg University (AAU).

Indecent proposal

But despite the video’s success, AAU will have none of it. They have disqualified the film on the grounds of its sexual content, something that disappoints, but does not surprise the filmmakers.

»We don’t quite understand the grounds for the refusal. It seems hypocritical and absurd in the light of Aalborg University being the creators of a recent April Fools Day joke, that got on radio and TV, where they in a photo-shopped aerial photograph, had decorated the Eastern harbour of Aalborg with a pair of breasts.« says Dennis Guldbransen.

The editorial-approved picture of the Aalborg breasts can be seen here (

Elvis was only filmed above the waist

»The only thing sexual is a hip-movement, which the absurd choice of music makes comical and awkward.« says Dennis Guldbrandsen, who continues with the viral work as a student of Interactive Digital Media.

To a certain extent, disqualifying Jepsen and Guldbransen is meaningless. The film is out there and has already shrouded the 2009-edition of AAU’s viral video-competition in infamy.

Thousands have seen Gulbrandsen and Jepsen’s film. If added together, only hundreds have seen the other films that entered the competition.

What do you think?

Liking or disliking the film is of course a matter of taste, and to what extent you have any. The University Post has seen the film eight times and has concluded that it is, basically, good-natured. We have found ourselves rooting for the hero in his endeavour to thrust away at the corridors, benches and staircases of his University.

Watch the controversial film below.

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