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No social events: Here are the new restrictions at the University of Copenhagen

Students and staff no longer allowed to grab a beer on campus or socialise after lectures. New corona measures implemented at the University of Copenhagen until 22 September.

The Danish government has reintroduced a number of coronavirus restrictions Monday in several municipalities, including Copenhagen. This is in response to upwardly trending infection rates. A ban on gatherings has been lowered from 100 to 50 people.

»We are now in the most concerning situation in terms of the increase in infection since the spring,« the Minister for Health Magnus Heunicke said at the press conference.

The new restrictions will have consequences for the University of Copenhagen.

In a news item on its intranet, the university states that a further series of initiatives are to combat the spread of coronavirus – initially only for the coming fortnight, until 22 September.

»All activities that are not directly associated with education and research are to be kept to a minimum,« it states.

This means that all social events will be cancelled, including those that have been planned as part of the start of the semester.

Employees asked to stay home

The University of Copenhagen had already closed down social events that were not considered academic, but now no activities that are associated with lectures, symposia or the like will be held on campus.

This means that it is not possible to organise receptions, just as it is not permitted to have a beer with a student friend or colleague on campus.

For students, teaching will continue as usual, but the university does not preclude moving courses from the physical premises to the internet at a later date. All student counselling will be digital or by phone.

Employees at the university are encouraged to work at home as much as possible, and the campus will be closed at nights until 22 September.

It is still possible to organise courses and seminars physically if you comply with the guidelines, which include a one metre distancing requirement.