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Nobel physicist: Prize will not change my life

Winning the Nobel prize will not change anything for Konstantin Novoselov

He may have one one of the world’s most coveted prizes, but back at home Nobel winner Konstantin Novoselov has no extra privileges. His family still has him doing the chores.

»I’m not exempted from any work at home, and it’s all the same,« he answers the University Post query, and smiles. »I’m a little offended«.

Three days after being presented with the 2010 physics Nobel prize together with his colleague Andre Geim by Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf, Professor Novoselov visited the University of Copenhagen.

Graphene, the new wonder material

Konstantin gave a lecture to physics students and professors the extraordinary properties of grapheme at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Graphene is a two-dimensional super-strong, transparent sheet of carbon that is one atom thick, and it is considered the new wonder material of physics.

Novoselov started working with Andre Geim as his PhD student. They are both Russians and are both currently working at the University of Manchester, in the UK.

Read Novoselev’s response to the recent increase in UK tuition fess here.

Avatar and Premier League soccer

In his Power Point presentation, Novoselov presented the work he and Geim did using examples from football and from Hollywood blockbusters.

So who would he himself have awarded the physics Nobel Prize to in 2010?

A tough question, that Novoselov responds to with diplomacy:

»I haven’t read anything about possible candidates to the Nobel, and I don’t want to know anything about it either,« he says with a smile.

No changes

Novoselov is a Royal Society Research Fellow, so he can focus on his research work full time.

And this is exactly what he plans to continue doing in the near future, he explains to the University Post.

Here you can find the pdf of the presentation given in Stockholm at the Nobel ceremony.