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Nominate your uni heroes for huge cash prize

DKK 100,000 award coming up for the University of Copenhagen department or unit that has done the most for the international study scene

Do you know anyone, or any unit or department, that has made an exceptional effort to improve the international study environment? It is time to give them something in return.

Until 13 September, you can nominate a unit. Apart from the honour of winning, the award has a DKK 100,000 cheque, funds that should be used to further improve the international study environment at the University of Copenhagen.

The award can be granted to a teacher, student, board, department or faculty, or even a news media such as the University Post, according to the examples given in the official release. The first time this award was given, was last year. The lucky ones last year were the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies (ToRs).

All nominations welcome

Both students and staff are welcome to send reasoned proposals, nominating people or units at the university.

The activities by the candidate should relate to teaching/education, counselling, communications, or academic/social activities.

The nominated unit or person, can have:

Promoted communication, integration and networking between international students and Danish students/teachers; helped integrate international and Danish students academically and socially; offered a service particularly relevant to international students, furthered the diversity of the University. It should be rooted in an academically well-functioning international study environment.

Uncertain future

The University Post caught up with Principal at the Rector’s Office Thorkil Damsgaard Olsen for a comment on this year’s prize.

But as expected, he would not reveal to the University Post anything about the nominees before the deadline.

For examples on activities the nominee can have, see this page.

Follow this this link., or contact Thorkil Damsgaard Olsen, E-mail:, or phone 35 32 46 16.

The prize is donated by the Danish Bankers Association: They wish that Denmark could me more of an ‘IQ Magnet’, attracting and keeping international brains.