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Nude Danish ‘cowboy’ creates a stir abroad

DANISH NEWS - Danish PM-hopeful gets world attention with nude cowboy campaign posters

Campaign posters plastered throughout Copenhagen of a candidate in the election wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a gun holster have caused a stir in foreign media.

51-year-old John Erik Wagner of Copenhagen, a former municipal garbage man, has been intensifying his efforts to be elected as Denmark’s next prime minister—by posing nude in his campaign posters. This is according to and

He told the British Guardian that posing virtually nude was his way of making an impression and attracting voters, after two failed election bids in the past.

“I’ve been trying to get elected for 10 years now, and this is my third election, so I thought I’d try something different,” Wagner said. “Other candidates’ posters are boring – just like passport photos – so I wanted mine to surprise people.”

This is me

Wagner said he has been receiving a lot of attention and positive feedback not only in Denmark, but also in other countries like China, Italy, and Spain.

“It helps to look good if you want to be in government and people say I have a nice body, so I thought, ‘This is me, here I am.’ I wanted to get my name out there,” he added.

Wagner said he was feeling positive about the outcome of the general election, but added that he might consider going back to being a garbage man if he doesn’t get elected.

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