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Obesity researcher takes on new editorship

Arne Astrup becomes the first non-American in journal editorial position

After eleven years as chief editor of the English Journal ‘Obesity Reviews,’ Arne Astrup has retired. But, that doesn’t mean he has retired from editorship completely.

For the first time ever the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has accepted a non-American to its editorial committee. Astrup assumes the position of Associate Editor.

To decide on manuscripts

Astrup, Head of the Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, has received both Danish and international awards for his communication skills as an obesity researcher.

Arne Astrup explains to the University Post exactly what the job entails:

»It means that I will handle about 10 manuscripts per month, i.e. send them out to peer review and make decisions (reject/revise/accept) based on these reviews, write editorials, and also participate in the journals editorial group in terms of scientific activities,« he writes to the University Post in an e-mail response.