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October is Studenterhuset month

The University Post guide to the good times ahead at our favourite international café

Whatever your preferences in music or entertainment, chances are you will be satisfied if visiting the address of Købmagergade 52 the upcoming month.

»International night is always a big thing«, manager of Studenterhuset, Kristian Skjøth Madsen says referring to the bash every Wednesday.

Christmas beer opening

This month, he also wishes to emphasize two other events:

»At the end of the month, on Friday 30 October there is the ‘Christmas beer’ opening. It is a very Danish tradition with free beer and Danish bands«.

Kristians second tip for a good night out is Klub Tone.

»Friday the 9th is one of the so-called late nights in Copenhagen. Stores are open all over town, and so are we, with live music, and different DJs,« he says.

Flip tha script

In addition, Skjøth Madsen has concert advice: 8 October, the Olympics have a release. They play music described as pop-melody with a strong groove that makes you really want to listen. The Olympics was one of four to win the RadioP3s “Karriere Kanonen”, a contest for up-and-coming bands.

Another music event is worth extra public notice. One day before the annual release of the Christmas beer, ‘Spil Dansk’ day, the Danish Music Annual Party is arranged. This year the event is focusing on multicultural hip-hop, including FLIP THA SCRIPT JAM.

Look outside!

Remember that every Monday you can join your friends or make new ones by going to quiz night. It costs DKK25 and the prizes are nice. Tuesday there is BLUS, the weekly gay-night at 19.00. Sundays can be your fun day with the Sunday Swing: Swing dancing to different bands from 15.00, for DKK 20.

Only one thing left to say: Take a look out, when you are inside. Look at the orange leaves playing in the wind from the window in Studenterhuset!