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Old KUA stripped to the bone

University Post went on a tour with constructor Anders Wede to take a look behind the long graffiti wall shielding off naked, old 'KUA', the former site of the Faculty of Humanities

The demolition workers have done their job well. Old KUA, the former site of the Faculty of Humanities, has been stripped to the bone.

»In the beginning, KUA staff had the possibility to pick up plants, signs and furniture,« constructor Anders Wede explains.

The demolition crew then sold everything from copper cables to handle knobs. Huge amounts of plaster have been transported to an entrepreneur in the Netherlands and KUA’s old roofing felt is to be turned into asphalt.

Extensive re-use

»Everything left is to be re-used in the new KUA buildings,« says Anders Wede.

This, apparently, is a more eco-friendly method than simply levelling everything to the ground and start from scratch. »But it is also more expensive,« he adds.

The University Post went to see KUA’s naked body before it is covered up again. See what beauty we found behind the graffiti wall.

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