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On your marks... DHL relay race starts today

The most competitive event of the year for much of the university, the DHL relay race starts today at 18:00 follow us for all the latest results

This supposedly-for-fun-but-actually-competitive race is the highlight of the Universities sports calendar.

The fun brings together over 100,000 people in one of the worlds largest fun runs including over 2,000 staff and students from the University of Copenhagen alone.

Last year saw a tightly fought competition between ChemBiol 1 and Systembiologer 1 as the two fastest teams from the university, this year they’ve already been engaged in a war of words as Systembiologer 1 seeks to avenge their defeat.

The University Post will cover all the action

The event spans several days during August and September in four cities; Copenhagen, Odense, Aalborg and Aarhus.

In 2009, the DHL Relay Race had approx. 178,000 participants. DHL estimates that combined they travelled approx. 890,000 km – more than 22 times around the globe.

The reward for those that participate is a fun day full of beer and organic sausages and the University Post will be there to deliver all the updates, so follow us on, twitter or facebook to see the results and pictures as they come in.

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