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One in four PhDs to be wiped out in Copenhagen

One in four new PhD positions may be axed at the University of Copenhagen, as consequences of Danish government’s austerity package sink in

The financial restructuring announced by Danish Government and its supporting Danish People’s Party (DF) may cost 200 PhD positions at the University of Copenhagen, says rector Ralf Hemmingsen.

This is according to the Danish daily Berlingske Tidende.

The University of copenhagen usually hires 800 researchers in PhD positions each year.

With the planned cutbacks in the university’s funding of DKK 500 million over two years, the number of PhD positions will be reduced to 600.


»We could save 100 million by reducing the intake of PhD’s by 200 positions. But this will be catastrophic for research,« says rector Ralf Hemmingsen.

He estimates that up to 700 university employees face redundancy in the next two years.

The University of Copenhagen has signed a development contract with the Ministry of Science, including goals for how many students are admitted to the university each year.

The contract is effective until the end of the year, but Ralf Hemmingsen feels that its entire foundation has been undermined.

»The grounds for keeping to the contract have changed so dramatically that is it is impossible to live up to the agreements,« he says.