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Opposition demands changes in Christiania

DANISH POLITICS: Following his visit to the Freetown, Copenhagen Mayor contemplates building social housing in the normally closed off, autonomous neighbourhood.

The Liberal Party and the Danish People’s Party have welcomed the Social Democrats’ willingness to normalize Christiania and break the monopoly that the ’68 generation’ of ageing hippies has had on the so-called ‘free state’ for over 40 years, according to and (in Danish).

Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen is aiming to offer all citizens of Copenhagen owner-occupied housing in the normally closed-off confines of the former military base as well as establishing a common cycle path through the grounds and increasing the number of entrances in a bid to streamline the area and incorporate it fully into Copenhagen.

However, not all members of the city council are equally enthusiastic. The Conservative political leader Rasmus Jarlov dismissed the proposal as ‘boring’, claiming he would prefer the area to be legalised rather than streamlined.

The Red/Green Alliance’s environmental spokesman, Morten Kabell, warned against ‘forcing through boring and average solutions’, while the SPP is opposed to the concept of owner-occupied housing in Christiania, an ‘alternative and creative breathing space in Copenhagen’.