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Orchestra tunes up for big concert

We dropped in to the university orchestra’s rehearsals. They have a big day coming up

»Baba-ba-ba-ba-bababa—remember when you come up to the piece where it is more like this—do-do-do!«

The sound gets louder for every step I take closer to the rehearsal room – where it all happens every Wednesday evening. And as I enter, the music explodes in my ears. It is in every corner of CSS’s Kommunen – most famous for its festive Friday Bar.

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I am early – and students are still coming in with their black boxes in different sizes. It is the orchestra of the University of Copenhagen.

Scandinavian collaboration

The orchestra itself, SymfUni, is a young one – barely three years. As with so many other initiatives, it started among a small group of friends. Studying political science, they also happened to enjoy playing music together.

Kristoffer Kaas, the conductor of the orchestra, met Gunnar Julin, conductor of the Stockholm-based orchestra ‘KTHs Akademiska Kapell’ at a conducting seminar. They decided, almost on a spur of the moment, to set up what is now a big upcoming collaboration concert 8 May.

»It’s going to be fine. We can always improve, things can always be better, but it is important that we do not peak before the concert«, Kristoffer explains enthusiastically.

Culture-clash between Scandinavians

Gunnar Julin is also present, exclusively for this rehearsal. His voice competes with the music, as he talks about the orchestra, the city, the Danes and the Danish way of living.

«I really look forward to this concert – it is important to give mostly Scandinavian composers – Grieg, Halvorsen, Lumbye, and of course our own Alfvén», Gunnar explains.

He puts on a serious face:

»Music is so important, and it is always fun to get people together«.

No words – no books

»The students tell me how refreshing it is for them to play in the middle of the week, in between all the studying. Music creates another connection – it’s in the moment, and with music comes a special atmosphere«, Kristoffer says, before adding that »music has no boundaries«.

I find a seat as they play a piece of Grieg. I must say – I agree with him.

More information about the upcoming concert 8 May here (in Danish).

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