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Orientation days: better in Denmark

These introductory days are crucial to making international students feel at ease in their new home. But do they work? Newcomers give the orientation process five stars!

Walking around campus, getting introduced to teachers, meeting new students – these are the basic components of the orientation days when the semester starts at University of Copenhagen.

This tried-and-true method seems to work! Danes may think that having this orientation process is commonplace, but when asking international students from all around Europe the answers are quite similar: “We don’t have it at home!”

This makes meeting friends on your first day much easier. Even specific faculties offer their own social gatherings and introductions.

Internationals prefer the warm welcome

In Austria, the semester starts with a short welcome lecture. In the UK, drinking is more emphasized – although it usually lasts for a week. And even though the French universities have many exchange students, many have not yet introduced ceremonial greetings yet.

With no exception, students from abroad like the Danish system better. Well, who wouldn’t like a warm welcome after leaving home for a new and unfamiliar country?

“These events are really useful, because we don’t feel alone!” says Benjamin, an exchange student from France.

Extends throughout the semester

Student counselors don’t just disappear during your studies. To create the best study environment, they offer many socializing events with your fellow students.

Before you recall all of the party memories, don’t forget that student life in Copenhagen has a lot more to offer. Other than drinking below a disco light, you can participate in canal trips, movie nights and dinner parties. Check out the University Post’s Guide to Student Life, and our Surviving Copenhagen Guide.

“I think these events are very well organized and I also appreciate that there are events so regularly. It gives me the chance to get to know Copenhagen and get in touch with more people than I normally would,” concludes Vivian, an international newcomer student from the Netherlands.

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