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Out and about: Your guide to gay student life in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has many gay friendly clubs and bars, here's your guide to getting involved with more than partying.

Copenhagen is renowned as a tolerant and relaxed city, with a variety of gay bars and clubs. However, the city’s great night-life is only the surface of a vibrant gay community. Whether you are a veteran of Copenhagen’s gay community or looking to explore another side of Copenhagen, here is a student guide to the city’s diverse gay life.

Socialise both on and offline

One of the easiest ways for a student to get involved in Copenhagen’s gay social scene is to join BLUS, a student group that organizes activities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students (LGBTQ). The group organizes activities every Wednesday that range from speed dating, to barbecues, to plain old parties. BLUS also offers support and counselling to its members. A full years memebrship costs 75DKK.

Copenhagen also boasts numerous organizations that represent various LGBTQ communities, the largest being LGBT Denmark. Politically and socially aware it provides an opportunity for those more into activism than partying. If politics aren’t your cup of tea, the organization provides opportunities to volunteer and work with LGBTQ youth in Copenhagen as an alternative way to get involved.

If you’re looking more directly for love, check out Copenhagen, and Denmark’s, largest online gay community. Whether you are looking for a quick hook up or a life partner, the non-profit and volunteer-run website promises a friendly and active environment to meet like-minded people.

The cosier side of life

Also worth checking out is Queerfestival Copenhagen in late July. While not the most glamorous festival, the week long event embodies a grass roots, inclusive, and do it yourself spirit. The goal of the festival is to create a non-profit and hate-free environment where everyone participates in both planning and activities. Participants are required to contribute to the festival by creating their own events and workshops while helping out with cooking and general planning.

The crown jewel of Copenhagen’s LGBTQ events, the Copenhagen Gay Pride takes place at the end of summer when everybody arrives back from their holidays. Culminating in a massive parade and concert, there are plenty of events beforehand, as City Hall Square is transformed into Pride Square for a week. As the rest of LGBTQ Scandinavia descends on Copenhagen for the event, parties and other LGBTQ events pop up throughout the city.

On the more ‘intimate’ side

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