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Out the door in fifteen minutes

Our Miss Average, Emma, has a high octane get-up-and-get-ready routine that would leave most students standing

It probably looks like a pit stop in Grand Prix car racing.

Emma Bonde, a Danish third semester political science student, reckons that she spends fifteen minutes getting up out of bed and on to her bike in the morning.

The University Post selected her, from those respondents of the ‘Your Typical Day’ survey who had left contact details, who best represented a typical student in terms of time spent on different activities.

Eating, packing, rushing

Emma, our Ms Average, had few outliers. One of them is her 15 minute tornado of a morning routine.

»I get up, and turn the kettle on. I then take a quick shower to wake up. I pour the boiling water over porridge [or oatmeal, havregryn ed.] that is in the pan. I add salt. I then put on my clothes while the porridge is getting to boil. Into a bowl, I add sugar, and eat I, while I at the same time prepare my lunch pack.«

You’re not afraid of a mix-up here, accidentally taking a mouthful of lunch?
»No!« she laughs, before continuing: »I wrap my charger, put it in the computer case, books in my backpack, rush down the stairs from the first floor. On to my bike.«

Don’t know what I am doing

When not studying – or taking care of her two student jobs as a TV subtitle writer and as assistant to a disabled person – Emma spends four to six hours a day online, at home, not work-related. Like a large number of other respondents, she regrets the time she spends on the web.

»I consider it a waste of time. I am reading articles, finding out things I don’t need to know, looking at pictures. I don’t really know what I am doing«.

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