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Pancake pandemonium at City Hall

Information is great, but free pancakes are better

Students love free stuff, especially food. During the International welcoming event at Copenhagen city hall there was much anticipation for the famous pancakes that were rumoured to be served at 17:00.

»The free pancakes were a big factor for coming here,« said one Chilean international student, who claimed that he also learned about sports groups.

Another international student, from India, came because he wanted to see the mayor. Later he admitted that it was also the delicious pancakes that caught his eye.

You can have it all

It appeared the combination of free food and information was a great way to bring students out.

A bioinformatics student from Lithuania thought the event was going to be about how to get a job. He didn’t leave completely empty handed. He learned about Bollywood dance classes and got a free City Hall Pancake.

»People at the University of Copenhagen are serious,« exclaimed a pancake-loving friend of his from the Copenhagen Business School.

Pancake for the road

»We thought it was chocolate sauce. It was kind of disappointing,« two Post-doc students from Barcelona and Milan criticised.

Food attracts people to events, and this international welcoming event was no exception. Even for busy PhD students like Anna from Germany, the pancakes were worth the trip.

»I heard about these famous Copenhagen City Hall pancakes before I got here. My colleagues even told me to bring some back to the office for them!« says Anna.

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