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Paralysis expected, as protesters target UCPH

Wednesday and students won't let anyone inside departments. They will demonstrate, and they will leave guards to blockade University of Copenhagen departments' entrances during the demo

Students tomorrow Wednesday are to form blockades around several departments in protest against new reforms.

Starting at 7 am, the students will block the entrances to several departments so no classes can take place and the administrative personnel cannot enter their offices. At 11, the students will take to the streets and where thousands are expected demonstrate at Vor Frue Kirke.

“A lot of the points in the reform don’t make sense, so it will be far from the best education in the world (in Denmark). We need to get their attention with the blockade because we want to let them know how upset we are,” says Troels Boe, a Law student.

Will hold guard

Others have called out for all University of Copenhagen (UCPH) students to participate by using the group on Facebook.

Students from courses like Medicine, Political Science, Psychology, Geology, Music Studies, Law and many others keep supporting and updating each other

“We, the students of Political Science at UCPH, have decided to make a large blockade at the institute whilst abolishing any possible classes on Wednesday in order to protest against the Student Reform. The institute’s council – Aktiv Statskunskaber – hopes that the University’s other students do the same,” writes Jakob Dreyer on Facebook.

Let us know

In spite of the 11.00 demonstration in central campus, the blockades will continue throughout the day in some departments, according to the University Post information. The Geology department, for example, has volunteers who will be taking shifts guarding doors at their institute.

The University Post will follow the situation closely.

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