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Party organisers apologise on Facebook

'Frightenening and dangerous conditions' says ESN party organiser Nikoline Kammersgaard Jespersen in a Facebook apology

Dear internationals, Danish buddies and friends,

We are very sorry for the technical problems and the early finish of the Christmas Party at K-3 nightclub. In order to give you a full picture of what happened last night, we started our party at 22:00 as promised. The nightclub was ready to receive at least the 790 people who have signed up on the facebook event.

Our DJ had organised quite a collection of Christmas songs and today’s club music. He and the Erasmus Student Network were ready to give you a good last night out in Copenhagen before you all leave for Christmas vacations or even the end of the semester.

Club owners promised to solve problem fast

After experiencing some electricity problems in the entire neighbourhood, K-3 nightclub had problems to reorganise and switch on the electricity around 11pm. Both the manager, owner of the nightclub and responsible stuff of the nightclub K-3 insured us that the technical problem will be solved within 10 minutes.

After a half an hour of waiting time, the manager informed us that the electricity company in charge is on its way and will have solved the problem immediately.

Meanwhile the K-3 staff in front of the entrance, bouncers and other staff, have asked us to get the people in line and be ready for the re-initiated and on-going entrance.

Frightening and dangerous

Erasmus Student Network thought about other solutions and getting another nightclub to be opened up for the international students, but the manager and the K-3 staff promised us to work hard on the problem.

Meanwhile the hundred of people being already inside the nightclub were left behind and stood with the Erasmus Student Network volunteers in the dark. No electricity meant as well no music and no lights, not even security lights.

The Erasmus Student Network and our partner P.U.L.S.Events Copenhagen decided after 2,5 hours of waiting time, meaning at 1:45 to cancel the event due to very frightening and dangerous conditions of the security system of the nightclub K-3. No lights and no emergency lights made it impossible to stay there and have a party going on. We informed the staff at the entrance to inform all the waiting people outside and even ourselves informed people outside the doors.

Threats to ESN organisers

However, due to serious threats on part of the attendees we were not able to stay there. People seriously threatened us because of the lost money and the lost night. Needless to say that we, Erasmus Student Network, a non-profit student organisation, cannot deal with hundreds of drunken angry students, threatening us directly.

We all understand your anger about the loss in money and in time but please understand our’s too. We were meant to be there with you and celebrate your semester in Copenhagen. We didn’t mean to harm anybody nor swindle to get your money.

We only were there to share our great memories and wish you the best for the Christmas holidays this year. On top of this, we didn’t make any side money through the event itself. All money earned should only pay the costs and if any money is gained (which is not the case or rarely) this money is fully used for future student events. No money ever taken by the Erasmus Student Network has helped to enrich anybodies personal finances.

Confusion over ticket sales

About the ticket sale outside the nightclub, as we have seen so many people queuing in line at the entrance of K-3, we reacted timely and decided to sell additionally to the normal entrance our last pre-sale ticket to you.

This was done in order to get the crowd of 850 people into the nightclub quicker. We only wanted to ease the entrance problem by selling additionally and therefore help our people inside.

On top of that, we thought it might be beneficial for you as well, as we were all freezing outside the nightclub K-3. There were 4 people of the Erasmus Student Network Copenhagen selling tickets outside in front of the nightclub K-3. So, it is true those people were legitimate.

Will throw a ‘real’ party

However, the ticket sale after 2:00/2am has not been done by ESN Copenhagen directly and so we cannot take any responsibility of students paying 80 DKK entrance. Our deal with the nightclub was 40 DKK entrance at the door and 30 DKK entrance through the pre-sale tickets.

At the moment the Erasmus Student Network and P.U.L.S.Events in Copenhagen are reasoning with the owner and manager of the nightclub K-3 in order to refund the students and/or throw another “real” party this week.

We will inform you about our next steps as soon as we have finished the reasoning with K-3 nightclub and our board. We will suggest all different possibilities to get you the money back either through another party with free-entrance or other paying back possibilities.

Again, we are very sorry, and we are hoping for your understanding. We understand your dissapointments to the fullest! It was also a very big dissapointment for us as well.

Kind Regards,

Erasmus Student Network Copenhagen and P.U.L.S.Events Copenhagen