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Penkowa handpicked her opponents

Penkowa managed to change the make-up of the scientific committee set down to re-examine her dissertation

Twice Penkowa succeeded in making replacements in the group of experts that were to evaluate the scientific legitimacy of her dissertation.

This is revealed in the newly released report conducted by he University’s legal advisor, Kammeradvokaten.

After the original committee in 2003 unanimously decided that Penkowa’s dissertation did not live up to scientific standards, Rector Ralf Hemmingsen chose to set down a new committee.

Missing documents

At first, Rector decided to let University of Copenhagen professor Albert Gjedde and Swedish professor Anders Björklund re-examine Penkowa’s dissertation. But Penkowa succeeded in declaring Albert Gjedde disqualified

The reasons for Albert Gjedde’s disqualification are unknown since the University’s notes on this very matter have disappeared.

»I agreed to take on the task and considered myself qualified. As chairman of the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society, I most probably processed some of Penkowa’s applications. Perhaps that explains it, but I don’t know, since I never got an official explanation,« Albert Gjedde says to Danish daily Politiken.

Penkowa only accepted University’s third choice

The University management’s offer to replace Albert Gjedde with Aarhus university professor Gorm Danscher did not satisfy Penkowa.

Penkowa argued that Gorm Danscher was disqualified because he had published an article with University of Copenhagen professor Jens Zimmer who earlier on had »attempted to miscredit« her.

Finally, Penkowa approved of the retired, Norwegian professor, Per Andersen.

But only after she had questioned his capacity, Politiken writes.

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