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Penkowa head of fake department

Controversial neuroscientist promoted herself as head of a department that didn’t exist

The »Department of Neuroprotection« never existed but that didn’t keep brain scientist Milena Penkowa from appointing herself the head of it. This is one of many new elements now appearing in the ongoing fraud saga.

The release of the legal report Tuesday, and the Board of Executives’ reaction to it, has led to the University of Copenhagen being put under heightened supervision by the Ministry of Science.

»I think that it was important for this very employee to have a number of prestigious titles,« Albert Gjedde, Professor of Neurobiology and Pharmacology at the Faculty of Health Sciences, explained to the Danish TV news programme TV Avisen.

»I’m not a legal advisor, so I don’t know if it is fraud, strictly speaking, but I know that it is wrong,« Albert Gjedde added.

False title since 2009

From an email addressed to Albert Gjedde dated 21 August 2009 it appears that Milena Penkowa has referred to herself as Head of Department of Neuroprotection at least since 2009.

Albert Gjedde admitted to TV Avisen that he is partly responsible that the title was not completely discredited much earlier:

»Absolutely. I’m aware of my responsibility. But I let her know that she should change it…And she did change it, at least to the extent I had anticipated«.

Yet, at University of Copenhagen’s website, as well as numerous other websites, Milena Penkowas is still referred to as Head of Department of Neuroprotection.

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