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PhDs want to stay in university

Majority of international PhD students at the University of Copenhagen want to do postdoctoral research or other academic work after finishing their PhD

Most Copenhagen international PhDs are not interested in non-university jobs, for example in the world of business or consultancy.

This can be seen in the University Post’s PhD work survey.

Quite the opposite, 56 per cent of respondents hope for post doctoral research or other university positions after they have finished their PhD.

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Post doc hungry humanities

Respondents were not asked to specify if their hopes for a future academic job were at the University of Copenhagen or at other universities.

The most hungry for an academic job are PhD students at the Faculty of Humanities, where two out of every three want to work as a postdoc or other university teaching and research.

The least hungry are PhD students at the Faculty of Science, where still half of PhD students want to continue their university career.

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