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Photo competition: And the winners are...

For the last few weeks students have showed us their rooms in hopes of winning our photo competition. The photos have since been brutally sorted by readers in our online vote. At last, the winners have been found

With 38 per cent of all the votes case [equivalent to 128 votes at the cut-off time], the winner in our ‘Show us your room’ photo competition is Stefano Speranza (right, top on photo) from Bari, Italy. His photo ‘Hostage in CPH’ is both equipped with a catchy title, a creative interpretation of our concept and a lot of hostage drama.

‘Hostage in CPH’ won over ten other photos sent in to our ‘Show us your room’ photo competition. As the winner of this competition Stefano will receive three tickets to NorthSide Festival.

Want to see Stefano’s competitors – or did you miss the show? Click here to see the photo gallery with all ten photos.

We didn’t manage to catch Stefano off guard when we called to announce that he was the lucky winner.

Fitting conclusion to Erasmus stay

»I was in to check yesterday and I understood that I won,« he said.

»I am to leave Copenhagen by the end of the month, as I have finished my exchange programme. And this festival will be the best conclusion to my stay here!,« he says.

The other person on the winning photo, Emmanuele (left, below on photo above) and also present at the award ceremony will be the recipient of one of the three tickets, says Stefano.

Got inspiration while testing

Our runner up, with 26 per cent of the votes in our online poll [equivalent to 87 votes at cut-off time] is Catherine Droser (centre of photo above), a political science student from Boston in the US. Her photo entry titled ‘Priorities of a university student’ locks our eyes on the mirror reflection of a girl, (maybe her, or maybe not, thinks the viewer), and gets us in the mood with candle light. Nice shot!

As runner-up Catherine is the lucky winner of two tickets to the NorthSide festival. »I had two friends who helped me to vote for it spreading the word on facebook. Shameless self-promotion,« she admits to the University Post, when we called her with the news.

»I liked that corner of the room with the mirror. My friend was standing there in the reflection when we took the test pictures. And then we suddenly realised. It looked cool!«

Clever, clever

We invited her, and first prize winners Stefano and Emmanuele to our newsroom for the prize.

Catherine joked with the two Italian guys at the office after the prize ceremony, and discussed the merits of each photo. Catherine concedes defeat to Stefano’s and Emmanuele’s creative interpretation:

»It was clever I guess. Not as artistic as mine, but whatever! «

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