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Photo gallery: See this wolf getting dissected

Wolf put under the knife at the Zoological Museum. Warning: These pictures are not for the squeamish

Winter holidays at the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen had a special attraction. Kids and grown-ups could see the actual dissection of a real wolf. Here are the gruesome pictures. Not for the faint of heart.

The dissection was one of two by University of Copenhagen museums over the winter holidays, the other one being of a white-beaked dolphin in the Øresund aquarium.

Although not connected, the dissections come in the wake of worldwide controversy over the euthanasia and subsequent feeding of a giraffe to lions, tigers and leopards in public at the Copenhagen Zoo. The zoo event has been the subject of worldwide comment on social media, also on the University Post.

Danish news site Uniavisen was on the spot last week (for the University of Copenhagen wolf event) with their reporter/photographer Bjarke Windahl Pedersen.

See the pictures below.

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