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Photo story: Mentees 'breaking the ice'

International science students embrace a winter tradition at mentor-organised event

On a cold and windy evening at the Frederiksberg ice-rink, international students from the Faculty of Science gathered for a spin on the ice. Both beginners and experts tied their skates in excitement. Some were novices that required a little help to find their feet with this classic Nordic tradition, as can be seen in this gallery.

The mentors at the Faculty of Science host many different events for both new and old international students. This Wednesday they enjoyed an ice-skating night. Students met at the ice for fun and games, some had their first experience on ice, while others professionally sped around the ice-rink.

Unique stopping techniques

Those from warmer climates had the toughest time. Nelly Marcela from Peru tried the skates for the very first time, and during a short break told the University Post that it was hard work, but a lot of fun.

Amaya from Spain had previously been on the ice a couple of times, but stated »I’m continuously trying to learn this, but it is so hard, I will never learn«.

Fortunately not everyone was that pessimistic. When faced with difficulties stopping she came up with an innovative solution. »I just go towards the wind, and then eventually I will stop. If that doesn’t work, I will go towards the edge, where the ice forms a small uphill!«

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