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Photo story: Out on the farm

Pigs bred to show genetic variations at one facility. Horses treated at another one

Top scientist Haja Kadarmideen had taken the University Post and two PhD students from his own department along to the University of Copenhagen’s experimental farm in Tåstrup. The staff out there welcomed our spontaneous visit and gave us a tour of the animals and stables.

»These are the F1s and these are the F2s,« explained one of them, as he pointed to the pigs, before launching into a technical explanation that the University Post did not, quite, grasp.

Follow the photo story here.

Research farm, hospital

This is where the pigs are kept for experiments such as those carried out at the Genetics Groups.

We then took a trip past the University of Copenhagen’s new large animal hospital complex, which is not directly related to his research: But good to see anyway.

Thanks to the staff at the experimental farm Rørrendegård and at the Højbakkegård for their hospitality. Follow the photo story here.

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