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Physicists storm to shock win in DHL

Team from the Niels Bohr Institute wins the University of Copenhagen run race showdown. They out-sprint a surprise human ressources team and the pre-race pharma department favourites ChemBiol (updated)

A crack team of physicists from the Niels Bohr Institute was the fastest among University of Copenhagen teams at the annual DHL relay run race.

The results that have been released on the organisers website are still provisional as apparently the delayed start times have not yet been deducted. But the Institute’s ‘NBI Blasting Branes’ elite team apparently upheld an average of 18:50 for each of their five 5 kilometre legs clocking in for the win at 1:33:58.

The win thereby vindicates a surge by physicist teams in the DHL race 2010, which proved that the Niels Bohr Institute had the depth and potential.

More in-depth analysis Monday

Second place appears to be the biggest surprise of all, with a team from the Central Administration’s human ressources department HR & O 4 coming in two minutes later at 1:35:51.

(Update Monday: This team turned out to have taken a ‘two-lap short cut’ and was disqualified ed.)

Pre-race favourites, and last year’s winners, ChemBiol3 from a pharmaceutical department at the Faculty of Health Sciences, only managed third with 1:37:11.

We will bring interviews, post race analysis and comments, and galleries with thousands of photos starting Monday. See the provisional results here.

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