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Pick of the week: Baby Dee and Belgian film

From now on, every week, we give you three cultural events for your to-do list. All picked to jolt you out of your normal Copenhagen routine

Sometimes you don’t want to go where everybody knows your name. If you follow our culture guide, you may no longer have to! Each week, starting from this week, we’ll inspire you with new cultural events to try out. Print this out every week and stick it up on your fridge.

3: Sunday 2 October and Monday 3 October: Baby Dee concert

First on our list is Baby Dee. Baby Dee is a colourful character. She used to be a lumberjack. Then she played the harp and sang in a bear costume in Central Park in New York for three years. Oh yeah, and she was also born as a man.

Baby Dee has toured with big names like Anthony and the Johnsons and Current 93, but has also released five albums on her own, the latest of which, ‘Regifted Light’, came out in 2011.

Rumour has it that no two of this special talent’s concerts are quite the same, so don’t miss the chance to see at least one of them this week – and at DKK 110 per ticket, this concert won’t break the bank. No excuse not to go!

Baby Dee on Møllegade 7, Nørrebro.
Event is on facebook here.

2. Thursday 6 October: Folkekøkken in Christiania

If you thought eating out in Copenhagen will leave you with an empty wallet, think again! For those in the know, the city is filled with affordable offers for grabbing dinner outside your lonely apartment.

The concept of ‘folkekøkken’ – loosely translated to ‘people’s kitchen’ – is one of the absolute cheapest ways to eat out, and you can do it all over the city. Everyone is welcome at these events, and socializing with the other diners is encouraged!

This week, we recommend visiting one of the city’s most popular folkekøkken on Christiania. Here, you can eat a delicious meal (including dessert) for just DKK 20. Only catch is that you help the volunteers out by washing your own plate and cutlery when you’re done.

Folkekøkken in InfoCafeen on Pusher Street. Time: 19.00

1.Thursday 6 October through to Tuesday 18 October: ‘The Misfortunates’

Our top pick this week is The Misfortunates a Belgian film at the Cinemateket. Curiously Cinemateket only shows this movie of the month for 12 days. But be sure to make a point of seeing it, as it has been hailed by critics since its release in 2009.

This Belgian movie takes the viewer into the small town lives of the two Strobbe brothers in the 1980s. The two men live by their own special code of macho-driven interests, which include the world companionships in beer drinking and naked bicycle races.

‘The Misfortunates’ is about two men seemingly unwilling to grow up, told with dark humour, nostalgia, and a sensibility which gives the movie depth.

Movie of the month in Cinemateket, tickets DKK 65. Reserve seats here.

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