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Pick of the Week: Movember and Grød

This time around, Pick of the Week encourages you to grow a moustache and eat some oatmeal

Check out what’s happening on the Danish festival scene, grow some facial hair for a good cause and eat an affordable and oh-so hip meal on Nørrebro. All for our loyal readers of Pick of the Week.

3:festivals galore!

November is the busiest month festival-wise. It’s the last chance before the Christmas season starts, and everybody is too busy going to Christmas parties to be cultural, and the weather encourages inside activities like reading or watching movies. We pick two festivals that you don’t want to miss this week:

The heavyweight kbh læser event lounges in the literary corner of the festivals. The kbh læser, ‘Copenhagen reads’, festival has a huge programme in over 30 different venues across the Copenhagen, putting our beautiful city and the Danish literary scene in focus.

The TING is also filled with local love, but here, it’s on a slightly larger scale: TING is a Nordic festival which alternates between Scandinavian capitals. This year, TING is in Copenhagen with a programme that includes everything from a Nordic food market to art exhibitions to debate meetings. Cherry on the top: Many of the events are free.

Kbh læser 5 – 11 November. See programme here.
TING festival 28 October – 6 November. See programme here.
Also, check out CPH:DOX, film documentary festival which also takes place this week here


Sorry girls, this is an (almost) man-only activity. If you aren’t already on board with the Movember-movement, now’s the time to start! It’s already been going on for a week, but better late than never to support a good cause while looking hip (or stupid, depending on your outlook).

Movember is all about growing facial hair, more specifically moustaches. Every year since 2003, Movember has asked men around the word to grow a moustache to raise awareness about men’s health. The men bearing the moustache for the 30 days of November then work as a constant and living reminder of the issues surrounding men’s health, and besides growing beards, the month is spent collecting donations to improve conditions in this area by all.

Of course, the growing of such a moustache isn’t done without the support of the people around you. This is why at the end of November, the growers – Mo Bros – and the women closest to them – Mo Sistas – are invited to a party to celebrate the hard work. This is also where the prestigious titles of Man of Movember and Miss Movember are given out to those most deserving.

Movember. More info here.

1:Grød, what? Grød

When it comes to food, good old Nordic traditions are all the rage these days. After years of being ruled by overseas countries like Italy, France or even Japan and Vietnam, the Danish way to cook is back in the culinary focus of the movers and shakers in the country.

The Nordic food movement reached a peak when NOMA was awarded the title of the world’s best restaurant last year, but you can find much more affordable and down-to-earth examples of eateries putting the Nordic traditions in focus – and this is where the place-to-be Grød comes into the picture.

Grød – the word all foreigners are forced to say to amuse Danish listeners, it is pronounced something like ‘grurrrwthhh’ – means porridge, and is all that is served in the small restaurant. Taking the Danish tradition for eating porridge seriously and reaching far beyond oatmeal, the weekly menu takes its point of departure in the fruit and veg of the season and contains versions of porridge suitable for breakfast, dinner and lunch at very affordable prices: at DKK 60 for the dinner versions, going native won’t break your bank!

Jægersborggade 50, 2200 Kbh. N., open from 7 Am – 8 PM every day.

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