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Plan: Tougher requirements including minimum grade of '6'

Five-point plan will make it harder to get in to undergraduate programmes at the University of Copenhagen, and increase teaching hours at the Master's level

The University of Copenhagen should have more and better teaching, more intense study, improved work with talent, a better ‘strategic dimensioning’ of study programmes and tougher entry requirements.

This is according to a panel at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) which outlines steps to improve the quality of education.

The panel recommends a minimum grade requirement of 6.0 on the Danish 12-point scale for admission to selected undergraduate programmes, a minimum of eight teaching hours in the first year of the Master’s degree, clear guidelines for the number of work hours per ECTS point, and the increased use of employment data when establishing the number of students to be admitted to a certain programme.

Focus on quality of education

The University’s announcement comes only weeks before the expected publication of a report by the government’s Expert Committee on Quality in Higher Education (in Danish: Udvalg for Kvalitet of Relevans i de Videregående Uddannelser).

Prorector for Education Lykke Friis says to the Danish-language publication that ”we would like to influence the education debate, so that it actually moves more in the direction of education quality. ”

“Right now, the debate is dominated by the discussion about relevance, and it is important that we at UCPH join the debate and put a focus on our work on the quality of education”, she says.

Find more information and an English version of the report on KUnet (requires login).

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