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Poem: Be cautious of that perspiring hand

UNIVERSITY POST POETRY - In this series we report on University of Copenhagen events in metre and metaphor. The Matriculation ceremony 2015:

Be cautious of that perspiring hand
It comes with vocation and tough demand
That you now walk yonder into great planes
Of knowledge and solitude

Your sweaty palm will linger in memory
Yet, the nervous smile you soon will burry
Today new flowers spring in the thousands
In a week you will be old

Bewilderment is the constant
In this immaculate introduction
Which is governed by embarrassment
And collective turmoil

Muffled voices blinds your hearing
Slowly the concentration is disappearing
The words they speak leaves no impression
In a while it will be done

In the days to come your fright will turn
It will fester in the reality and you learn
That the handshake was a formality
It is what your do next, which matters

So be cautious of that perspiring hand
It comes with passion and tough demand
To what goal you set for yourself
The future is new

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