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Poem: In memoriam - The University Post

UNIVERSITY POST POETRY - An elegy for the University Post reporter network, by a poet

A moment ceases to be, and the spider
Has spun its web.
It has found an ending in its thread,
When the storm left it forsaken .

Once it moved to the rhythm of the wind,
And with its body, connected the leaves;
It caught the fiends that are unseen.
Feeding the mouths of spring.

An immortal repetition of patterns
Were written in its trap
Untangling the hidden secrets
Of its properties within.

Breeching the unknown path ahead
It framed, the intangible horizon.
Making the next careful step feel
a little lighter.

The assimilation has begun
Turning the web’s complexity –
Into one.
What used to be a display of change
Has lost its reflection.

Now tangled in mud and branches
Feet trample – with no notice
As if it never was –
Never held a heavy burden.

The birds between the earth and sky
Flew long and wide to spread
The story of the spider web
That has broken its long spun tale.

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