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Poem: Seek shelter against the impending storm

UNIVERSITY POST POETRY - In metre and metaphor. The Humanities' public meeting on cutbacks to funding and education - as seen by a poet

Seek shelter against the impending storm
As education is hit, and economics us inform
Says the dean, addressing the assembly
This we honour, but our pockets grow empty.

“Reduction is the common currency of our future,”
But the present fate is hanging by just one suture.
Trying to uphold an autonomous nation
From archiving a humanities dehydration.

The current situation calls for reduction,
Unless “political winds” encounter reconstruction.
“The future we meet with clear communication,”
Yet, it’s hard to think straight, if filled with frustration.

The students receive the promise of famine
And it will take a hold of professor, student and admin.
“Quality, quantity and competition will suffer,”
As education loses its economical buffer.

The student council calls for action.
They want to make unity an attraction.
“Knowledge is how we survive,”
If society is not to take a dive.

Chairman Laura tells her personal story,
Of how it began with hope and not worry.
Today her story rings a different chime
With hopes to finish in limited time.

There were no answers to what you can do.
To stop your future from plummeting through.
Just provide a “like” and march the day,
On Thursday, and deliver us from decay.

“The demonstration has historical support”,
Thirty six organisations are all aboard.
They want to show that we’ll be starving
And that humanists are not spoilt darlings.

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