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Poem: The Copenhagen Sun

UNIVERSITY POST POETRY - For this student at the University of Copenhagen, the warm sun only brings heartache

The Copenhagen sun sets as soon as it rises
Over dawning fields with yellow daffodils,
Snowing on a black heart who surprises
Passionate souls with colours upon the hills.

But not for the university building that sets
Over Karen Blixens Vej’s darkening streets,
Nor upon the white coloured canteen that begets
This heart and soul who anguish happily greets.

The Copenhagen sun blinks behind grey clouds,
Hovering behind the thick fog of heartbreak
Among voices heard at Mødestedet crowds,
All that fail to alleviate this growing ache.

But not for those pretty reddening fields
In the country sky that pass through my heart.
Nor upon that sharpened spear she wields
That bleeds me slowly together and apart.

As bright as the Copenhagen sun shines,
It remains above the pangs of my mind,
For my grand muse whose passion pines
To seek something too afraid to find.

Now in the darkness of the twilight sun,
The daffodil dances in the crisp night air,
Like a heart once but forever undone
By the muse frigid, fierce, but eternally fair.

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