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Poem: To cut or not to cut that is the question

UNIVERSITY POST POETRY - Taught not to run with scissors, so she wouldn’t fall and create regretful rivers. The university cuts in verse and rhyme

To cut or not to cut that is the question
Yet, only one suggests dissection

In a hurry we all must gleefully be
To save, to cut and finish our degree

The financial concerns are real enough
But the roads are bumpy, long and rough

And if you do not have a steady hand
It’s hard to perform, speeding through the land

A slash and a cut are not same
One is exact, the other bound to maim

Our University is under hard-core mutilation
In the shadow of some future ‘great nation’

At present the educational decisions
Seems headed for fatal collisions

However, I was taught not to run with scissors
So I wouldn’t fall and create regretful rivers

Be careful when you take the knife off the shelf
You could end up missing and cutting yourself

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