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Poem: When you march upon the future

UNIVERSITY POST POETRY - In metre and metaphor: 'Folkevandringen': a people's march for proper treatment of refugees, had massive student participation

When you march upon the future
Defining the prospect of culture
Against those who deem some to be strangers
In a world innately for us all

A quiet walk below the cloudy sky
To assert “respect” for you, me and I
“No one should be treated that way,” a woman says
“And so we walk together”

A man exclaims: “They are fleeing from insanity,”
Here they are met with political profanity
“Politics promote short term agendas,”
In a never ending battle

Students, fathers and mothers
Join in to welcome ‘them’ amongst us ‘others’
“They are just people,” a student says
“So why should I be so scared?”

The rhetoric of the media
Takes the default of hysteria
“It includes me in fear,”
“Yet, I am not frightened”

So when they march upon the future
It is not to change a culture
It is to define who WE are
Because “we know there is a tomorrow”.

Photo: Andrea Svaneeng

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