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Polar researcher’s October sun

ADVENT CALENDAR 2016 – Job perks as a polar researcher include the exciting natural world experiences. Enjoy photos and coverage from Greenland leading up to Christmas Eve.

Recently in October in West Greenland, the sun hurried its way across the sky to entirely disappear under the horizon for the rest of winter. Every subsequent day is 15 minutes shorter than the last.

The University Post reporter took this picture during a morning trip to the top of the Lyngmarks glacier, which lies behind the Arctic Station on Disko Island in Greenland. The reason for the trip was that Arctic Station’s leader Casper T. Christiansen should ascend to attach a measuring apparatus to the top of the 804 metre-high Lyngmark glacier, while there is still enough daylight to be able to see.

The polar researcher enjoys many nature experiences as one of the job perks. A beautiful sunrise atop a snow-covered mountain is one of these bonuses.