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Police, lawyers raid Penkowa’s office

Brain scientist brought lawyer and a police escort to secure laboratory rat evidence (updated)

(Updated version 18 May 13.20)

In an early morning police-escorted search, brain scientist Milena Penkowa attempted to secure evidence Friday in her former office on the Faculty of Health Sciences. She brought her lawyer Kåre Pihlmann and two policemen.

»We have the police with us to secure the evidence. The questions need to be answered about the animal experiments,« Milena Penkowa explained to the University Post as she waited outside for her lawyer to turn up.

»We asked for the material to be handed over by the Faculty, but they have not complied,« she said.

Doesn’t know why they don’t hand it over

Inside her former office she hoped to find log books and physical files.

»When the University chooses to make police charges, it is strange that they don’t want to give up the physical evidence for the case. I want to know why they have not been handed over«.

Why do you think they have not been handed over?
»I don’t know. Maybe there is some enthusiast getting a kick out of me not getting hold of the files,« she said smiling.

Access denied

Asked by another journalist what outcome she expected of the case, Penkowa spoke about herself in the third person:

»I expect a complete acquittal of Penkowa.«

The University Post and journalists from the Jyllands-Posten were denied access beyond the foyer at the Panum Institute while the raid took place by head of Communications Morten Jastrup.

Everyone shook hands

Albert Gjedde, head of the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology, says to the University Post that he personally had known that Penkowa and her lawyers were arriving one week beforehand.

»It happened without drama, and we had a welcoming committee, where everyone shook hands, and everything happened in an atmosphere of co-operation«

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