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Police: Street value of heroin is DKK 6.2m

Sold on the street, the campus service officer's drug supply would be worth a considerable sum, say police to University Post

The retail price for one gram of brown heroin is between DKK 400 – 500. This would give a total market price of around DKK 6.2 million on the street for the 13.8 kilos found on campus.

This is the University Post’s calculation based on figures from Simon Schwaner, a Copenhagen police assistant.

Copenhagen police and the University of Copenhagen have yet to reveal any further details behind the crime.

Held in custody

Police found 13.8 kilograms of heroin 4 January at the sports science and biology buildings August Krogh of the University of Copenhagen in Østerbro.

A man, apparently a campus service officer, is already held in custody in Germany for possession of 483 grams of cocaine found during an earlier police search.

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