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Poll: Danes support generous student grants

The generous SU grant for Danish students is up for reform, with the business lobby calling for cuts. But a large majority of Danes appear to support it, shows a new poll

The government is preparing a reform to the education-assistance (SU) program, which would mean cuts of DKK 2bn. But according to a poll conducted by YouGov, 84 per cent of Danes are against further reductions; only 7 per cent of respondents believe further cuts are necessary, writes Danish news site

The plan is to give students an incentive to finish their studies. Torben Holm, chairman of the Danish Students Association, admitted that the government could save money by pushing students through their education faster.

»But we are very sceptical that they can find two billion kroner this way. I fear that the government will cut the SU benefit and disappoint 84 percent of Danes,« he says .

Minister: Taxpayers, not recipients

Minister for Research, Innovation and Higher Education Morten Østergaard (Social Liberals) says students recognise that money can be saved via expediting their education.

»Students must get into the labour market and become taxpayers, rather than receivers of benefits.«

The government’s proposal for the SU reform will be presented in the spring.

Criticised by business

According to statistics, Danes are slow to finish Masters. Read the full story here:

The Danish business lobby has for a long time called for the reform of the Danish grant system and a think tank recently called for a reform of the generous Danish grants.

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