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Preview: Debut concert for violin virtuoso

For classical music fans a free open session: Wednesday under the roof of the Royal Danish Academy of Music, young violinist Elna Carr will begin her first performance as a professional musician

If you have never had the chance to experience classical music for yourself this is the perfect opportunity, with two hours of free concert.

And a helpful intermission will let you decide whether to stay or not.

Founded in 1867 the prestigious Royal Danish Academy of Music, is the oldest academy in Denmark. Every week a range of concerts are presented to spectators in a splendid concert hall called Studiescenen, where a black Steinway & Sons piano dominates the middle of the stage.

Something for everyone

The free open sessions are an excellent opportunity for audiences to experience world class music. Students benefit as well, as they receive practical experience in performing in public. Maybe some day, they will go on to become real virtuosos.

A big variation in music scores is displayed, from opera singers playing Ravel to double bassists playing Dittersdorf. There is something for everyone. The students are able to play classical-romantic music but also contemporary works, often accompanied by their accomplished teachers.

Occasionally professional artists such as Luiz de Moura Castro are invited into the academy. Three months ago he dazzled with a piano solo from the romantic Franz Liszt repertoire on the stage.

Come early to get seats

Last December, the cellist Samira Dayyani gave an outstanding performance in the academy auditorium. This Wednesday February 15th, Elna Carr will take the stage.

Will she be congratulated in the same manner as Samira, with thousands of flowers? Let‘s hope everything goes to plan. Elna Carr will play three masterpieces with piano accompaniment, most notably the Octet in E-flat major, Opus 20 by Felix Mendelssohn.

The music institution website suggests that it is better to come early to be sure of seats. See details in the factbox right.

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