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Prison to replace bars with windows

Copenhagen’s Vestre Prison, next to the Otto Mønsted student dormitory, is to spoil their inmates. Instead of bars, only windows will separate the hardened criminals from the world outside

Inmates of Vestre Prison in Copenhagen will soon be enjoying an unrestricted view of the surrounding area. This is the prison next to a key student dorm, the Otto Mønsted’s kollegium.

The prison authorities at Vestre Prison have decided to remove all bars and replace them with windows. This is according to newspaper Politiken and

»When an inmate is locked in his cell he’s well aware that he’s in jail. Bars aren’t necessary,« inspector Peter Vesterheden says.

Windows withstood baseball bat test

Prison inspector Peter Vesterheden promises that the new windows are just as preventive as bars.

The new, reinforced windows have been tested at Copenhagen’s Technological Institute where ‘criminal types’ tried to break through with hammers and baseball bats, without success.

Vestre Prison can house around 440 inmates. 580 sets of bars will be replaced with windows. The Copenhagen prison without bars will be finished in one year’s time.

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