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Profile: Ines the runner no longer goes for a swim

Sports fanatic Austrian exchange student now avoids all sea water activities

Denmark wasn’t Ines’ first choice of exchange country.

»I wanted to go to Spain, but all of the classes were in Spanish«, she says. Her knowledge of Spanish wasn’t quite up to university-standard, so she chose the English-language friendly University of Copenhagen instead.

Ines leads an active life. She’s played a lot of tennis, and runs. In Austria, these talents led her to compete in tennis tournaments in the region of Burgenland, and run a half marathon in Vienna in April. Sporty as she may be, swimming is no longer one of her interests, and that for a dramatic reason.

Close encounter

An encounter with a shark by the Great Barrier Reef near Australia gave her a fright, and she is now hesitant to go swimming again.

»It was just a small one, but still, I’ve seen one, and that is enough« she says.

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