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Profile: Justen is a facebook celebrity

Meet Justen from the United States, a reluctant celebrity with an appreciation of Copenhagen’s urban planning

Justen came to Denmark to study for the semester because »it seemed like a good idea at the time«, and luckily, he hasn’t regretted his decision – at least not yet.

However, when winter comes to Denmark, he’s thinking that he might change his mind, even though he also came to take a closer look at the country’s famous use of wind and water energy. Furthermore he finds the urban planning here ‘impeccable’.

Justen hasn’t had the warmest welcome to Denmark, quite the contrary. He echoes the often-heard complaint from foreigners that Danish people are not very friendly when you first meet them – even those closest to you.

Reluctant celebrity

»I thought my flatmates hated me,« he recalls, when he initially met the people he is to live with for the rest of the semester. Luckily, as Danes often do, the flatmates have since warmed up to their new American resident.

Justen isn’t just any old exchange student, he’s actually famous in the virtual world. His unique name – Justen Time (Just-in-Time, like a well-known business strategy) – has earned him a fan club on facebook. The group has 23 members and counting, and has a clear goal despite some ill will on Justen’s behalf.

As it says on the page: »Justen Time does not approve of this group, but in time and with our encouragement, he will come to accept his fan club.«

Let us hope that Justen will come to accept his celebrity status… just in time.

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