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Proposal: 3-year 'green card' for Master's, PhDs

Government proposes an automatic green card to international Master's and PhD students when they finish their degrees

The Danish government wants to relax visa requirements for international students and scientists.

Today, international students have six months from graduation to find themselves a job. If they fail, they are out of Denmark. Now, as part of a package of growth reforms that has to pass parliament, the Minister of Education Morten Østergaard has proposed extending the time to three years.

“Foreign students staying in Denmark have a high employment rate and contribute to Danish growth. Why cross the river to get water? Rather than trying to attract highly qualified foreigners to work in Denmark, it is the obvious thing to try and keep the international students we already have. Let’s give them more time to settle down” says Minister of Education, Morten Østergaard, to

No more bureaucratic obstacles

Opening Danish borders is crucial to national competitiveness, he argues. The Minister wants to attack a number of barriers and obstacles and plans to bring together the private industry, political parties and representatives from the education sector to discuss a joint strategy.

Included among these barriers are fees that foreigners have to pay to study. Deadlines for the process of visas and permits in Immigration Service (Udlændingeservice) are also proposed and improving housing conditions for students. The government hopes that the proposals will strengthen the competitiveness of the Danish private industry and tourism.

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