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Prorector Bjørnholm at demo: I understand the students´ concern

Conciliatory mood from one of the University's top managers. But in the long run students willl still have to graduate faster

Students will sooner or later have to accept reforms that will speed up slower graduation times. This is according to Prorector of the University of Copenhagen Thomas Bjørnholm. The University Post met him in the Lindegården inner courtyard as thousands of protesters chanted outside on Vor Frue Plads.

“I understand the students concern, its a big change from how things used to be, but thimgs will have to change,” he said to our reporter on the spot.

His statement to the University Post is after Rector Ralf Hemmingsen conceded changes to the speed-up plan late yesterday Tuesday.

Students don’t like 45 ECTS rule

Rector offered surprise concessions to students which included not enforcing the 45 ECTS a year rule, and taking out the clause that tightened rules for taking leave from studies.

It is precisely the 45 ECTS rule that evoked the ire of students.

“We’re especially against the 45 ECTS rule, as it means that failing a single course could lead to expulsion. We also ask for a transition period, or the reform would put a lot of extra stress on current students,” said Huy, a student to the University Post.

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