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Prorector: New ideas are not just for the few

Best class is actually outside class, argued Prorector as Education Day seminar searched for entrepreneurial spirit

Having students outside university, in the ‘real world’ before graduating, is good for the university and good for industry. This is according to the University of Copenhagen’s Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm, who opened up the talks on innovation in education at the so-called ‘education day’ at the university Thursday.

Students and staff had gathered at the University of Copenhagen’s Ceremonial Hall for an inspiration day, seminar and a number of international speakers.

Bjørnholm talked about the importance of getting ‘out there’, getting real life experience working and cooperating with companies: Innovation and entrepreneurship is for everyone, not just for certain people in certain niches, he emphasized.

Student council: Need ways of ‘getting ideas out’

Admitting the shortcomings of universities, he argued that every time a student has been out doing something for a private company, they probably learned something that the university could never have taught them.

Continuing down the same path, head of the student council at the University of Copenhagen, Bjarke Lindemann Jepsen, called for more opportunities for students.

Not so much courses in ‘innovation’, he said that he would like to see a range of platforms where students can be creative and get their ideas out in the world.

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