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Prorector: No more separate matriculation ceremonies

One big intro ceremony in 2014. Prorector says all new students, Danes and non-Danes, should have the chance to meet up in September

The days of segregation are over. New Danish and international students will be formally inducted into the University this coming September 2014 at one and the same ceremony.

This is according to Prorector for Education Lykke Friis, who says it will be part of a wider strategy for improving the University of Copenhagen’s study environment that is due to be released at the beginning of December.

The Matriculation Ceremony has previously been separated into two events, internationals first, in English, followed by Danish students in Danish. This has been criticized for artificially separating Danes and non-Danes at precisely the time when they are most likely to strike up friendships.

Also for Master’s students

There will also be a new Matriculation event for starting Master’s students, she says to the University Post.

“We have lots of stuff for starting Bachelor’s students, but none for Master’s. In this sense the University is still pre-Bologna,” she says, referring to the Europe-wide education reforms that have standardized programmes.

“But now things are different! We attract a lot of Master’s students on a lot of different programmes,” she says.

More group facilities

The practicalities of how the new, joint Matriculation Ceremony is to take place will be announced later, she says.

Other elements in the study environment strategy to be released in December include an “improved IT infrastructure for students, more study locations, and more group facilities,” she says to the University Post.

“And more ways to integrate the study environment of Danish and international students at the University of Copenhagen. This includes changes to mentor programmes,” she says.

(This story is the second part of a three-story feature interview with Lykke Friis. See part one here.

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